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Member of American Numismatic Association
ANA ID: 3142268
I. Pachkine
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What are the rarest and most valuable on pound coins? From the 2011 Edinburgh to the 1986 Flax – the £1s that fetch thousands on eBay
THE 12-sided £1 coin has just entered circulation and members of the public are already frantically trying to get their hands on the new tender. As the round pound coin set to become worthless by the end of 2017, Brits have started rifling through old ... more info

Collecting metal: the inner and outer worlds of jewelry, coins, bullion bits, and odd shiny things
Millions of millennia ago, in our own Milky Way galaxy, but far upstream of where we are today, two neutron stars spiraled around each other, each embodying the mass of a sun but smaller and faster than a speeding planet. Each of these tiny gigaworlds ... more info

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