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Member of American Numismatic Association
ANA ID: 3142268
I. Pachkine
My Coin Dealer  |  Russian Coins  |  2 Kopecks  |  Paul I - 2 Kopeks 1799 EM. AU-58 by NGC. Russian Coins

  Paul I - 2 Kopeks 1799 EM. AU-58 by NGC. Russian Coins
Paul I - 2 Kopeks 1799 EM. AU-58 by NGC. Russian Coins  Paul I - 2 Kopeks 1799. AU-58 certified by NGC. Ekaterinburg Mint (EM).
Copper Russian Coin

Weight20.48 g
Year 1799
Mintage 55,641,000
Metal Copper
Grade AU-58
Mint Mark EM
Price: US$213.80



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1799 2 Kopecks AU-58

Certified Russian Coin

1799 2 Kopecks

Russian Coin


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