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Member of American Numismatic Association
ANA ID: 3142268
I. Pachkine
My Coin Dealer  |  Russian Coins  |  20 Kopecks  |  Alexander II - 20 Kopeks 1855. AU-50. Certified by ANACS. Russian Coins

  Alexander II - 20 Kopeks 1855. AU-50. Certified by ANACS. Russian Coins
Alexander II - 20 Kopeks 1855. AU-50. Certified by ANACS. Russian Coins  Alexander II - 20 Kopeks 1855. AU-50, Lightly cleaned. Certified by ANACS. St. Petersburg Mint - Nicholai Iossa Mintmaster (СПБ HI)
Silver Russian Coin

Weight4.10 g
Year 1855
Mintage 3,090,000
Metal Silver
Grade AU-50
Mint Mark СПБ HI
Purity 0.750
Price: US$76.70



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